Develop audience engagement

We use social ads to maintain a level of engagement, develop a community and to continue bringing in a sustained traffic flow.

Reflection and strategy


Supporting Community Management

We work with Community Managers on several levels, in areas such as scheduling post boosts, discussion themes and audience creation.


Generating traffic

Our social ads strategy also involves the generation of qualified traffic. This is an interesting balance between branding and pure performance. It allows you to support your site launches and other key events by taking advantage of vast dissemination spaces with highly attractive CPCs.

Organisation and implementation


Your community

JVWEB offers two types of campaign. We can either maintain your profile through attention and engagement threads within your community via organic post boosts or renew and develop your community (likes and followers) through dedicated campaigns.


Community audiences

The efforts you put into community management are not in vain, we can capitalise on the resulting audiences by targeting fans, friends of fans and people who have interacted with your Instagram account or watched your videos.


Site visits

The idea is to build running theme campaigns which maintain a certain volume of qualified visitors to your site, by constantly using the targeting capacity of social media. With the landing page visits KPI, we can ensure optimal campaigns finding people genuinely interested in your content.


Impact at your points of sale

We use geo-tracking in mobile use to fully exploit social media in order to generate traffic to your points of sale. Thanks to a ‘Place’ structure on Facebook, your network, or offline conversions, phygitalisation becomes a reality.