Social media and brand awareness

We help you increase your brand’s share of voice and develop its awareness thanks to large-scale multi-driver branding operations. The aim is to initiate intention (to buy, to fill out a form or to click) among targeted audiences and feed the top of the customer pathway funnel.

Reflection and strategy


Media plan

We create dedicated or integrated campaigns for your 360°/multi-channel media plans via visibility operations on the main social networks. The aim is to attract new customers by working specifically on your brand image in order to spread and share your content. By activating Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or the Audience Network (a panel of Facebook partner sites and applications), you can be sure you are reaching a wide and qualified audience.


Brand Lift Study

In partnership with the Measurement teams at Facebook and Instagram, we can launch a Brand Lift study via surveys which accurately measure your brand awareness and the impact and recall of advertising. These are the key indicators to help you reach your sales objectives.

Organisation and implementation


Types of campaigns

We launch Reach & Frequency campaigns to tell the story of your company predictably and effectively and to control the frequency and the order of your advertisements. We also create campaigns to optimise your advertising reach, as well as campaigns to generate video views, which are highly popular on social media.


Choosing an audience

33 million Facebook users in France, 12 million Instagram users, and 11 million Snapchat users…this is a vast playground in which we will identify the most relevant audiences to spread your brand content to and build awareness. Based mainly on areas of interest, demographic profiles or broad lookalike audiences (8% to 10%), we also use them to create ‘hot’ retargeting pools to solicit later.



Whether it is a simple image, a carousel, a lifestyle collection or a canvas, we work on designs that will stand out in user flows. Through advanced A/B tests, we can capitalise on the most effective advertisements.



With more than 200 million views per day on Facebook, video is still the most popular format among internet users and has the highest impact on social media. With short, square, vertical, horizontal, 360° or animated GIF formats, we use a whole range of tools to boost advertising effectiveness. Tell your story, present your new boutique, film a customer testimonial or sell your products on Black Friday; you can do anything with a video!



Stories are a growing trend, primarily on Snapchat, followed by Instagram and Facebook. This is the ideal way to tell your story and spread your content rapidly. They enable you to unlock new potential. Stories are between 5 and 10 seconds long, in a fully mobile, vertical and immersive format, all the ingredients are there to optimise the impact of your awareness campaign among selected targets.