Develop your sales and leads

We use social media to gain conversions. Facebook, like other social networks, offers numerous tools and settings which enable us to focus on ROI-, turnover- or lead-driven campaigns for example, in order to reach your sales targets.

Reflection and strategy


The ‘Full Funnel’ strategy

We integrate the full user path in our social ad strategies. This begins with brand-driven campaigns, and we then focus our efforts on performance at the bottom of the funnel. We therefore capitalise on upstream investments to boost conversions and ensure long-standing loyalty.


Your conversions

Whether you are looking to develop your sales and ROI, generate a maximum number of leads or boost application downloads, social ads are a fundamental lever in our approach and for your multi-channel strategy. Here again, we prioritize the use of Facebook and Instagram, followed by LinkedIn for B2B customers, or Snapchat, particularly for app downloads.

Organisation and implementation


Choosing an audience

The average number of audiences we use is between 25 and 50 per country, in order to optimise the spread of conversion campaigns by mixing volume and quality. Audiences can be wide (specific interests, 5%-6% lookalike), extremely narrow (retargeting abandoners, customer match), or intermediate (1%-5% lookalike, retargeting visitors, fans, etc.).


Dedicated formats

Regardless of the goal, creation lies at the heart of high performance on social media. We can generalise the use of various formats (image, carousel, collection or lifestyle), while maintaining the video and story aspect, even from a conversion perspective.


Retargeting the right people

In compliance with GDPR practices, we can remarket visitors to your site (or to certain pages in particular), the most frequent visitors (in time spent), or visitors to your physical points of sale, as well as using your customer and prospect data base to create customer match.


Dynamic Product Ads

DPAs are more than just simple retargeting ads, they are instrumental in every conversion campaign on Facebook and Instagram. Via an optimal product flow and a multi-level audience strategy combining retargeting and acquisition, we can generate numerous incremental discussions and increase your ROI two- or three-fold. This is a high-performance tool which we also use for customers in industries such as transportation (particularly automobile), travel and real estate sectors.


Lead Ads

This is a 100% Facebook and Instagram function which enables maximum lead generation, while controlling acquisition costs. The pre-filled form and automatic link to your CRM results in a much higher conversion rate in comparison to standard campaigns. LinkedIn also offers its version for targeting professional audiences, with the Lead Gen form available for Sponsored InMail and Sponsored Content.


The importance of tracking

An effective campaign cannot be achieved without fully appropriate tracking. We assist you in the design of a tagging plan and the implementation of tracking (Pixel Facebook, Conversion Tracking LinkedIn, and Snap Pixel). This is a pre-requisite for us in order to launch a campaign in the best possible conditions.


Consider attribution

The use of social networks in a media plan automatically implies changing the way in which we interpret statistics. As they intervene upstream in the user pathway, their effectiveness cannot be reduced to the outdated method of analysing the last click. We take post-click and post-view windows into account to enable accurate understanding and decision-making.