Shopping, the cornerstone of e-commerce

This format globally provides an answer to the profound changes which are affecting the Retail sector, but is also intrinsically linked to ‘performance’. Via ‘Local Inventory Ads’, you can advertise your locally-available products for sale. Shopping is thus a highly effective means of generating in-store visits and conversions. Move into the fast lane with our Shopping Experts!

Product flow



Before launching your Google Shopping campaigns, our teams assess the quality of your flow. This audit step is crucial to ensuring you meet your Shopping performance targets. An incomplete flow will impact the visibility level of your products and thus their cost per click. Titles, images, required fields, optional but strategic fields…we review every aspect of your flow.



Before the audit phase we recommend an automatic update of flow from your site, in particular for e-tailers with dense product catalogues. In addition to the required elements, it provides optimal information on all fields which will contribute in turn to effective product classification. Descriptions must be clear and precise, which will benefit your SEO too!


Automatic rules

According to the flow obtained, several rules need to be implemented directly from the Merchant Center. Titles must be revised to systematically contain the product brand, for example. The highest added value will be the implementation of customised tabs in order to structure your flow. This will enable you to identify your special offers, new items, or the most profitable products, etc.



Product categories

Product categorisation is essential to guarantee optimal listing of your products. Depending on the type of classification, your products need to be assigned to the most appropriate category. Precision is a must for improved classification!


Custom labels

Customised labels are key to a good campaign structure! Custom labels allow you to group best-selling products, overstocked products, most profitable products, etc. All these elements enable more accurate investment and guarantee improved performance.



Bidding Strategies

Begin with ECPC in order to adjust the bidding price depending on the probability of the click generating a conversion. As soon as a sufficient conversion volume is achieved, we can shift to a target ROAS strategy to obtain higher profitability. These auto-bidding strategies enable you to pay the best price for your click according to the device, audience, product and many other criteria.