Acquisition, loyalty and reputation

JVWEB works to target users with potential as precisely as possible and to use the inventory of available sites appropriately. Our Display experts can build an innovative, customised and effective Display tool.



Making use of audiences

We structure audiences according to their progress in the funnel and draw on customer databases.


Campaign structuring

We take things further with a fine-grain analysis, to ensure a more accurate distribution of budget. A campaign is allocated to each level of the funnel, and an adgroup to each type of audience.




We take the top search keywords in a wide-ranging target, test the keywords which would be too costly in Search and add broader semantics to complete search coverage.



We select the best placements after an analysis of the leading sites and isolate the top placements.



We focus our efforts on themes which provide the best match with specified targets.


Similar Audiences

We broaden visibility by mixing campaigns with audiences similar to our core target.


Custom affinity

We multiply and cross-reference target criteria to streamline the proximity and coherence between audiences reached and identified customers.

Ads and banners


Good practices

The message displayed, its coherence and its use in the user path are essential. We ensure consistency between the visual aspect and the good use of ROI rules: a clear and precise CTA, image-text ratios, the presence of a brand logo, etc.


Responsive ads

We monitor compliance of responsive formats and the clear application of CTAs on the various devices.


Dynamic ads

Dynamic ads offer effective functions. We can apply dynamics to product flow visuals and filter the products with the highest conversion rate.


Test & Learn

Regular optimisation is the key to performance; a logical iteration which our teams follow throughout a campaign to test new targets, new catchphrases and new banners.

GSP (Gmail)


Target selection

The choice of target for Display GSP is essential and wide-ranging: audiences, affinity audiences, in-market, context and theme audiences, etc. Call on our SEA experts to select the best targets for your business.


Dynamic creations

These creations allow you to adjust the message to suit the aspirations of the user (to highlight products they have viewed recently) CTR gains (thus QS) and Conversion Rates. The dynamic creations thus correspond better to a target which is already looking for information on this product, service or category.



Trueview and Trueview shopping

80% of web content in 2020 will be video and 64% of buyers say that YouTube influences their purchasing!  Your presence on YouTube is therefore crucial, but the path that leads to conversion is complicated and it is essential to take the various contact points with your prospects into account. YouTube Trueview & Trueview shopping video formats enable you to only pay for a complete viewing of the video (Cost per View) and present your products in overlay, in addition to providing new business opportunities.


Bumper Ads

The Bumper Ad format is ideal for retargeting former visitors or re-engaging your audience. This innovative, 5-second video ad format provides brand recall without increasing the ad fatigue rate of your prospects.



One in two French people use the leading video search engine daily, and two thirds of those users visit it several times in a day. There is therefore no shortage of opportunities to present your company. The Discovery format will allow you to display your video tag at the top of the search result page.