Google Ads Search, the essential lever

Search represents 50% of digital advertising investment. But you need to have the right strategy to reach your targets. With more than 15 years’ experience in sponsored link performance campaign management, JVWEB is the trusted partner to develop your sales, reach your ROI target, boost your reputation and break into new markets.

Brief and kick-off

Tracking and KPIs

A successful strategy lies in the accurate definition of business KPIs and effective tracking. We assist and challenge our customers on these crucial points to optimise the pertinence of the action as soon as it is launched. This enables us to find the ideal volume and relevance of conversions in line with your targets.

Multi device UX

The performance of an SEA strategy is directly correlated to the effectiveness of a website in transforming traffic into business opportunities. We help you minimise obstacles in the purchase pathway on the various versions of your site (mobile, desktop, tablet), in order to optimise the impact of advertising campaigns.

Strategy validation

We attach great importance to matching the SEA campaign strategy perfectly to the global strategy of our customers. The kick-off which we carry out at your side at the start of our service validates the aims, targets, budget and all other aspects which will enable us to launch campaigns which meet your needs.

Account structuring

Enhance pertinence

A campaign structure which reflects the tree structure of the website is a fundamental aspect. We go a step further by ensuring that the structure of your campaigns reaches your targets, taking into account the specificities of your sector (e.g. seasonality, top products, etc.) and your business. Streamlined steering addresses your targets with the most appropriate ad formats. Your account structure contributes a great deal to the success of your campaigns.

International campaigns

There are 10 different nationalities among JVWEB’s SEA consultants. This means we’re able to detect new opportunities and assist you at an expert level. Take advantage of our experts to assess potential business in the countries or markets you wish to target. We analyse search volumes, the most demanded products and services and the level of competition in order to create coherent advertising actions to enhance performance in new markets

Cross-device strategy

Internet browsing is becoming increasingly complex. Few people use the same device from the first visit to the finalisation of their online purchase. Conversion paths are expanded by several visits from different devices. We manage this complexity to guarantee your visibility on these different touchpoints. We then analyse your performance and adjust your campaigns so that they remain in line with customer paths and your objectives.

Using audiences

Knowing the level of user engagement during a search has become crucial. Will it generate a conversion or a lead on your site? Designing the reach of your campaigns and the type of message according to the users potential can impact your performance by 20% to 30%! This is about taking numerous and increasingly precise audiences into account to steer remarketing campaigns, target similar users to your buyers, or exclude visitors with no potential.

Ads and extensions


Your appealing adverts stand out from the competition. There are two aims – to enhance your brand and to generate the most qualitative traffic possible. At JVWEB, we pay particular attention to the drafting of these elements. We then review the variations in your catchphrase as many times as it takes to target the best click rate.


Are you looking for international growth? We have 10 different nationalities represented on our SEA team. Take advantage of their qualitative support to assess potential business, draft adverts, select key words in the language of the target country and roll out your future campaigns. Seize new international business opportunities the easy way with JVWEB.

Dynamic texts

Make your ads and extensions more attractive by integrating dynamic text to show your prices, products in stock, geo-positioning or features, etc. Take advantage of JVWEB innovations. We update your ads and extensions in real time thanks to our in-house solutions, using your site data and steering your ads via search engine APIs.

Quality Score

Detailed report

How do you reduce the cost of your clicks and benefit from better display ranking on search engines? By improving the Quality Score of your key words. JVWEB follows this indicator which largely determines the profitability of your campaigns, in addition to the visibility of your search ads. Boosting the QS is crucial to obtaining a leverage effect in terms of volume and ROI. Our experts prepare detailed reports on the criteria which impact QS.


JVWEB does all it can to obtain a Quality Score of 10/10. Did you know that the criteria which affect QS include SEA campaigns and your website? Our experts assist you in implementing good practices for your site (content, structure, UX, loading time, etc.) as well as leading optimisations in your campaigns. Together let’s aim for the best score!

Beta and new functions

Exclusive access

The first advertisers to use new search engine features benefit from a strong competitive edge. They obtain improved appeal with an impact on traffic and conversions. Thanks to a close partnership between JVWEB and Google/Microsoft, you get to test the new functions. Make the most of this opportunity, be at the forefront of new targets, ad and extension formats, campaign types and more


Bidding Strategy

Did you know that the manual management of auctions has reached its limit? Signals (audiences, geo-tracking, devices, etc.) and their possible combinations have now made optimisations much more sophisticated. Activating the right automation algorithm remains a sponsored-link expert’s prerogative, as is upstream signal setting. There are two aims: to reach your objectives faster and to enable your JVWEB consultant to devote more time to steering your strategy.

In-house solutions

JVWEB invests in its own technological solutions to supplement the automation of search engines. Our customer satisfaction is also down to controlled expenditure (in line with allocated budgets), real time activation of your campaigns according to your stock and the exclusive customisation of your ads in line with your website data. In the face of fierce competition, the need for high market responsiveness and a growing number of technical constraints, JVWEB’s exclusive tools help you obtain improved profitability.

Long Tail

Dynamic Search Ads

What happens if you don’t cover all the new searches web users make each month in your business sector? Little by little, your campaigns risk losing their conversion potential. JVWEB consultants activate Dynamic Search Ad campaigns early on, to rapidly detect those new key words which often come from the ‘Long Tail’, so that your ads appear if your website responds.

In-house tools

We firmly believe that new opportunities come from innovation. This is why we have an internal R&D team to develop in-house tools and scripts reserved exclusively for our customers. Our aim is to reduce time spent on worthless tasks such as the creation of Long Tail ad groups, to focus 100% on your inventory.

Reporting and analyses


Monitoring daily performance monitoring is essential in order to react accordingly, and at the right time. Not having perfect visibility of the results not only harms your targets but is also contradictory to our commitment to transparency. We provide you with reports which are accessible online 24/7, tailored to the needs of your sector/business and convertible to the usual formats.


Performance monitoring is carried out daily by our consultants. To provide you with full visibility of ongoing actions, we send you a weekly, monthly and quarterly report. All of these reports are presented at face-to-face meetings or by telephone.

SEO/SEA synergy

Enhance site crawling

Did you know that improving the structure and content of a website benefits both your natural and paid searches? Our consultants can offer you various onsite upgrades with an advanced campaign tool to improve your performance.

Identification of new keywords

Detecting the most effective search words is crucial to improving the performance of your campaigns. The joint work of our paid and natural search teams enables you to prioritise SEO actions according to SEA performances.

Budget savings

The implementation of SEO/SEA synergies will allow you save costs. The most competitive SEO keywords will receive more SEA focus, while the most profitable SEA words will receive SEO focus to optimise high-profit impressions.