‘We have the right methods, experience, tools and teams to boost your leads, your sales and your reputation.’

Strategic consulting

We regularly design strategies for our customers based on their specific targets, defining areas of potential performance improvement and using new features to boost performance (reduced acquisition costs, increased volume, and increased in-store visits).

Customer support

Operational support is a priority for us. Each of our account managers specialise in certain levers and markets. They are at your disposal to monitor performance and suggest optimisations for improved results. They are trained to manage and optimise campaigns and to explain and assist in every step of the operational implementation with marketing departments, either by telephone or face-to-face.

The data report

We use the best tools to visualise your data and results. We create customised dashboards to aggregate the various data sources and fine-tune analyses. Tracking files are customised and available in real time. We use the data to optimise performance and discuss possibilities with our customers.

The R&D Centre

We are the only agency with an integrated R&D centre, who work with account managers and customer service managers on a daily basis. Its main role is to develop solutions to eliminate repetitive tasks with no added value (this allows our account managers to devote more time to your account) and above all to develop solutions which make it possible to do tasks that could not be done manually. In this way we develop the steering, optimisation and reporting capacities of our account managers, for improved customer performance.


Exclusive tools

Designed, built and developed by JVWEB for YOU

To stay one step ahead in performance, precision, reporting and automation

  • Audit JVWEB Seiso


    The Google Ads reference audit, Seiso allows you to audit your accounts for free according to more than 70 criteria (keywords, search terms, ads, audiences, quality score ...) and discover how to improve your performance. On average 30% savings found on audited accounts.

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    Kiwado continuously cross-references dozens of criteria across all our accounts in order to synthesise the best opportunities and control performance gaps. It's the assurance of always working on the tasks that make up the best performance at every moment.

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    USM can automate and control a large number of actions based on data retrieved from the final site and the Google Ads account. For example, manage budgets based on availability of products, inject dynamic prices into ads, or cut campaigns redirecting to pages in error.

Data, reporting and analysis

In addition to the automation and marketing analysis software we have developed, our ‘tool box’ also contains the best tools on the market to build, analyse and optimise your campaigns. Our experience has enabled us to test, select and sometimes customise the very best of tracking, steering, optimisation and reporting tools.